Cash Back  

When you buy Cobra Magic products, you can recieve part of your purchase price back! 
To receive your rebate, do the following:
Make a video of yourself performing a trick with one of our products and you may be eligible for a rebate!
The show must be performed to minimum 10 people 
The video and sound of the recording must be of reasonable quality.
The amount of the rebate will be returned to the buyer's PayPal account within 45 days of the request for the rebate provided that it meets the requirements outlined.
If it has been over then 45 days or if the product was bought through a different supplier –  then you will receive a store credit that you will be able to use for your next purchase.
The store credit can only be used on
The amount of rebate varies per product. Rebate amounts for specific products can be found on the product’s main page.
”Cash  Back” is only valid for 60 days after your initial purchase.

E-mail :          Phone number: +972-50-6899975
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