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Cobra Light plus

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Warranty: 12 months
This Cobra Light is a new version of the old switch box in a new & exciting way, small and wonderfull- fitts your pocket! With a new feature that get's everyone in shock.
This trick can be played and operated only by your voluneer to maximaze the effect, let them switch the lights and watch their mouth drop.
EFFECT:  The magician introduces a small handheld electronic device consisting of three colored lights (green, yellow, and red) and three matching colored switches below each.  The magician demonstrates that each colored light is lit by the corresponding colored switch directly below it.  
The light switches are turned off and all three colored switch covers are removed.  The spectator chooses a different switch to put the green cover on (no force).  The switch is turned on to show the green light still lights even though the switch is different.  Next the spectator chooses a switch for the yellow cover (no force) and behold when turned on it lights the yellow light.  Finally, the red cover is put on the final switch which now turns on the red light.  Amazing!
The switches are turned off and the colored covers left in place.  Now the colored light covers are removed to show all three lights are the same white color and only the lens covers are colored.  The spectator is asked to select a color lens and choose a light to cover with it.  This is done until all lens covers are placed.  Now, each switch is turned on to show the color switch still operates the colored light regardless of the fact the lens covers have moved.  Amazing!
Everything is turned off.  The device is placed face down covering the lights.  The spectator is asked to just think of a color lens (green, yellow, or red).  The spectator reveals the color and the device is turned face up to show the chosen color light now lit, despite the fact none of the switches were turned on.  The device “knows” the spectator’s choice and lit it up on its own.  Amazing!

Review from Steve Brooks- The Magic Cafe

Lately we have heard about magician buying FAKE Cobra Light so we strongly recommend to purchase this product from a magic store you heard of or was recommended on or a reliable second hand 


SITE PRICE: $ 168.00 




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