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Mentalism Chair V2.0

SITE PRICE: $ 2,000.00 


SHIPPING: 149.00 $

Warranty: 12 Months

New product on the market 
It's a PK touch chair that allows you to make a PK touch routine with no perpetration, no wires and without any setup.
     The chair has four different functions: 
          1. A touch on the right hand side. 
          2. A touch on the left hand side. 
          3. Vibrating system. 
          4. Electric shocker in the seat area.

Description: The chair is made out of a metal frame with a plastic seat, you can use it completely surrounded (it's very clean) 
The system is rechargeable and comes with 3.7 volt LIPO batteries that you can charge by yourself with any micro USB charger. 
The mentalism chair v.2.0 comes with a one year warranty and the warranty includes breakage. 
It comes with two remote controls with four channels and custom carrying case that was made especially for the chair and protects the chair for a long time.

Brett Barry:

" The newly updated “Cobra Magic Mentalism Chair” is one of the most potent and cool tools to spice up your old PK Touch routine into a feast for the senses. After using the Cobra Chair, my PK Touch  routine will never be the same again. 
This new chair is a genuine game-changer for the working pro. "   
read more or watch video of Brett Barry

Lior Manor:

As you all know I do the Invisible Touches routine since 1987 with many variations and later with many combinations with PK touches.  I carry only small briefcase to my shows for many years. But now I carry the PK chair, it is a real upgrade to the routine. This is a real upgrade to PK touches.  It takes it to places you can't do otherwise.  I added the chair to my show and the reactions you get from the audience are absolutely amazing.  I hear the WOW from my audience. "
read more or watch video of Lior Manor

Jon Stetson:

" I love this prop.  I worked with several other similar chairs and devices that accomplish the same thing but never worked with anything that had pleased me so much as this chair.  It's beautiful, light weight, nondescript, fits in with virtually any decor anywhere , very easy to travel with.  This is a magnificent device!  It's honey for your money. " 
read more or watch video of Jon Stetson

SITE PRICE: $ 2,000.00 




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