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Thanks for buying RF Detector. 

First thing you must do is to insert battery: 23A ( the spring goes to minus (-) .

Second, (before you switch it on) you need to choose the option that you want:

Option 1:

when the card will be close enough to the device, the device will vibrate immediately.  

for this position all the switches need to be down like in the picture:

If you like to get a repeat of vibrate, (you will get 3 repeat)  push the 2nd switch up like in the picture:
Option 2:

 You can get one short vibrate immediately ( the short vibrate means that the device recognized the card),
after the short vibrate the system will wait 2.5 second and then will vibrate the code of the card ,
in this option you need to switch up the 3rd switch like in the picture:

You can choose: delay and repeat at the same time, in this option you need to switch up the 2nd and the 3rd switch like in the picture:

Option 3:

You can choose to send the vibrate to the receiver, in this position the device will not vibrate ( only the receiver will vibrate),
in this option you need to switch up only the first switch like in the picture:

Option 4:

"erase"  - Don't use this option it will erase the memory of the device!!!

Please switch on  the device and wait 10 secounds befoour you start using the device  

Time use with single battery:

10 times of 5 minutes each

1 time of 30 minutes.


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