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Super Chip Single

SITE PRICE$ 350.00


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Warranty: 12 Months
Black Friday 
$149 discount.
Coupon code bfscs20

Imagine the faces you'll see when you win the game of heads or tails every single time against any one you choose
or when you'll guess which hand they hid the chip and be allways right even if they try to get smart on you and place it in their pocket?
With the Super Chip it is possible
From a distance of  up to 10 meters and even with a blindfold, with no preparation, not a single wire and super clean.
Mentalism at it's best

The Super Chip is a real looking casino chip that allows you features such as
  • Heads or tails
  • Which hand
  • 10 meters range
  • Sleevless presentation
  • Self contained
  • Rechargable receiver 
  • Mini carrying case with built-in magnet
  • Packed small
  • Stand aloned system
  • Led indicators
  • Two way transceiver system
  • Super clean (nothing in your hand and nothing in your sleeves)
The odds are 100% in your favor.
The Super Chip kit includes:

1 Super Chip -chosen color
1 Rechgable receiver
1 Mini carrying case 
1 Year warranty 
Video explanation

Please select your chip color at the top of this page.

Black Friday 
$149 discount.
Coupon code bfscs20

Super Chip Single

SITE PRICE$ 350.00




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