Mentalism Chair V.3
The new version of our mentalism chair Double folding, portable and perfact for travling FITS A STANDARD SIZE SUITCASE

Super Chip
The odds are 100% in your favor

custom bag
Wireless Wallet 10%off
Matrix Mind Reader
This device can read spectator mind. Watch the video:​

The Chest
​For one effect, the performer places up to 5 personal objects of the spectator into The Chest. With the performer blindfolded or having his back turned, the spectator opens the box. They retrieve the

Wireless Whiteboard
With this Whiteboard you will be able to know what your volunteer is erasing from the board whether it's a one on one act or a full visual stage act with up to 5 people.

Mentalism Chair V2.0
Upgrade your PK touch act with this amazing chair. This product is a normal looking chair that you can use completely surrounded -super clean & extremely quiet.

Mind Controller
​With this new device you can control your volunteer mind and he will do everything you want and say everything you like.

Wireless Wallet Version 2
This wallet can help you to read minds in a simple and easy way. With this wireless wallet you can perform a variety of new routines or improve existing ones.The wallet is a visual prop which will wor

ITCO - Mentalism effect V.2 rechagable
Predict the spectators thoughts under impossible conditions. Use the technique and technology ITCO provides to create your own magic effects. Up to 10 meters cards and chips

Cobra Light plus
This Cobra Light is a new version of the old switch box in a new & exciting way, small and wonderfull- fitts your pocket! With a new feature that get's everyone in shock.


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